Synesthetic Substitution

this is so cool


this is so cool

Ok in case anyone wants another work update

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Cat Fork 


This is a fork that has a cat’s silhouette. No delicious foods shall get away from it.


Me: Do you think I’m doing the right thing?

Room mate: I think you’re brother’s an asshat and you should smack him upside the head with a robot.

In my defense, I specified that she should build a robot and mail it to him to smack him with it, to save on time and travel expenses.



In case anyone wanted the set!

Also I thought it’d be fun to make a group picture that looks like an ad.

All available as prints here.

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This is brilliant. Thanks for posting them all together!

I have had a sufficient number of dreams about work that it is sort of a relief to finally have one about Portal.

Where I end up working for GladOS in a business setting. After she shows me the corpses of my parents she killed. And then winds up killing everyone we try to do business with. And then people want to know how I can work for someone who keeps murdering people.

My point is at least it wasn’t another dream about my CURRENT job because those have been happening a lot.

(The second to last boss was a super-depressed robot who I kept expecting to shoot at me, but would just make deep unhappy sighs and photograph me as I turned off the parts of his brain.)

Ok so I think at work the one guy thinks the difference between an engineer and a technician is just that the engineer comes up with the experiments and the technician executes them.

I have yet to figure out the other guy, who insists that “an engineer” will be able to identify and prevent problems that “a technician” wouldn’t see due to “fundamental engineering knowledge.” If anyone knows what this fundamental knowledge is or where I can get some, please let me know.

(Apparently I, an engineer, am supposed to somehow just know more than the technician who has been doing this for longer than I’ve been alive, because my job description has the magic word in it.)



I haven’t posted anything on Tumblr in forever but since SO much is happening I figure I owe anyone who cares an update about my new job.

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all through my engineering degree we were periodically told ‘you’ll probably end up in management’ (and a little nasty part of my said ‘because engineers are actually trained to be competent’). So it really seems to be a thing. Kinda crazy that they put you in that position three weeks in, but hey, sounds like you’re handling it so they made the right decision there.

Gratz on the house!

See, when they were asking me whether I’d want to go into technical management or regular management during the phone interview, I was really confused, but apparently it was a super-relevant question. They never told us we’d end up in management, but I suspect that was partly because they expected lots of us to go into academia?

At the very least, they put engineers in charge because we’ve had more schooling than the techs, and they don’t want someone who’s NOT an engineer in charge of a big engineering project. So it makes some sense, even if I can’t really tell what the difference between a tech and an engineer is besides the management stuff.